The Maya Mam people

from Comitancillo, San Marcos

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The Maya Mam people (from Comitancillo, San Marcos, lives mainly in the western of Guatemala and southeast of Mexico. It has built a way of living, in which men and women are part of mother earth, establish harmonious relations with the Creator and Trainer or Heart of Heaven and Earth.

The imposition and the theft of land of the Mayan peoples in colonialism, have had and continue to generate various forms of discrimination, racism and patriarchy of which are the inhabitants of the Mayan people, including the Mam people.

At the Municipal level:

Comitancillo, in Mam "Txolja" means between rivers or between houses. It is located in the Sierra Madre, 34 kilometers from San Marcos city and 284 from Guatemala city; with a territorial extension of 113 Kms², with approximately 80,000 inhabitants in 2018, of which 49% are women; 99% is Maya-Mam people, so its language is Mayan Mam and the remaining 1% of the population is Ladino and is located mainly in the municipal seat.

Although the Maya Mam people from Comitancillo has great historical and cultural roots, many of their cultural elements are at risk of extinction, as a result of globalization, the consumer culture and the absence of programs to promote cultural identity. Their social organization is expressed in community mayors, council of Ajq'ij, community councils and municipal council for development, and the Municipal Corporation with a weak participation of women in the decision-making structures, mainly because there is still a macho and patriarchal culture, illiteracy and extreme poverty.